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Reactor Transformers

Reactor Transformers

Urja Techniques (India) P.Ltd is a leading transformer manufacturer dedicated to advancing the energy landscape. Our portfolio encompasses solar converter duty transformers, earthing transformers, reactor transformers, compact sub-stations and dry type transformers. The fundamental key to our success lies in our commitment to innovation, quality and environmental control. Built on decades of experience and expertise, we have carved a reputed name in designing and manufacturing best quality transformers as per industry norms and standards. We own manufacturing unit equipped standards, reflecting our adherence to international quality assurance guidelines.

Our hefty quality management system has earned us the aspired ISO 9001:2015 certification, while our commitment to occupational health and safety standards has merited the OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditation by Moody International. We aim to contribute to a more sustainable energy landscape through our design, manufacturing and marketing of energy efficient transformers.

Our reactor transformers represent the apex of modern power technology, embodying unparalleled reliability and performance. These transformers are specifically designed to absorb system line inrush currents, delivering enhanced power quality and equipment longevity. They provide crucial support in industries with high demanding energy systems, offering consistent performance even under the most challenging conditions.

The reactor transformers fabricated at our unit stand at the forefront of transformer technology, rigidly engineered with best quality materials and advanced design principles. These products exhibit our responsibility towards power transformation innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable while upholding the highest levels of safety and efficiency.

The reactor transformers made at Urja Techniques (India) Pvt Ltd, are characterized by their robust design, best quality performance and high operational reliability. They are built to control electrical inrush by limiting the current in an electrical circuit, ensuring smooth and steady power flow. The units come with advanced thermal management systems, offering optimal performance under varied load conditions and enhancing the longevity of the transformer. Furthermore, reactor transformers of Urja Techniques, incorporate modern insulation systems, minimizing electrical failures and maximizing transformer service life. The compact design allows for easy establishment and minimal maintenance. An essential feature is their capacity to handle high short circuit currents, adding an extra layer of safety in industrial settings. The design incorporates noise reduction mechanisms, contributing to a quieter operational environment.

Advantages of Reactor Transformers
1.They increase the overall efficiency and longevity of power systems by reducing inrush currents and minimizing electrical faults. This leads to fewer system outages, less equipment damage and lower maintenance costs.
2.By enhancing the power quality, reactor transformers provide a stable operating environment, ensuring optimal performance of your equipment.
3.They contribute to a safer working environment by handling high short circuit currents and reducing risks associated with system overloads.
4.The compact design of our reactor transformers allows for easy incorporation into existing systems and facilitates the supply operations.
5.Finally, the noise reduction feature leads to a more comfortable work environment, improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

Why Choose us:
Choosing Urja Techniques as your supplier is an indication that you are partnering with a pioneer in the transformer industry. Our beliefs are built on excellence, innovation and sustainability. We consistently deliver top tier products, specifically designed to exceed the expectations and requirements of our clients.

The quality assurance at Urja Techniques, demonstrated by ISO and OHSAS certifications, ensures that you receive reliable, efficient and safe transformers. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing unparalleled customer service, delivering personalized solutions to fit your unique energy needs.

With Urja Techniques, you are not just purchasing a product, but investing in a long term relationship with a supplier that prioritizes your success. We are committed to your growth and will work closely with you to ensure our reactor transformers serve as a catalyst in achieving your strategic objectives.


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