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Power Transformers

Power Transformers: Manufacturer, Supplier.
Urja Techniques has earned an eminent name in the field of transformer manufacturing and established itself as one of the best supplier of high quality electrical solutions. Since its inception, the company is committed to technological advancements and customer satisfaction. Our extensive range of products includes distribution transformers, earthing transformers, Dry CRT transformers, compact sub-stations, reactor transformers and more. The success of Urja Techniques is built on a foundation of engineering expertise, precision manufacturing and a comprehensive understanding of the needs of various industries. By offering innovative and efficient solutions, we have garnered the trust of diverse customers from varied industries.

A power transformer is an essential component in the electrical energy transmission and distribution system. Its primary function is to step up or step down the voltage levels between different stages of the system, thus ensuring the efficient and safe transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Typically situated in power stations, substations and various points along the grid, power transformers can increase voltage for long distance transmission to minimize losses and then decrease voltage for end use applications in industrial, commercial and residential settings.

Due to the nature of the process furnace transformers are specified with large tapping ranges. Thirty tap positions is not uncommon. Adding to the wide tapping range is the utilisation of the tap changer. Some users require up to 800 operations of the tap changer per day. This demands high maintainability and efforts to increase the maintenance intervals. On line tap changer oil filters are thus essential. To reduce downtime further, plug-in type diverters are specified. This allows a quick changeover of the diverter switch and an overhaul in a workshop environment with more time at hand.
The fundamental structure of a power transformer consists of two or more winding around a shared core, usually made of laminated iron. When alternating current is passed through the primary winding, it creates a magnetic field that induces a voltage in the secondary winding. This process , known as electromagnetic induction, allows the transfer of energy between two or more circuits without a physical connection.

1.The manufacturing of power transformers at Urja Techniques, is done with best quality raw materials that ensures the durability of the product.
2.These transformers are loaded with advanced insulation systems which minimize the risk of electrical breakdowns.
3.The optimal cooling systems attached to the transformers, provide effective heat dissipation to maximize efficiency.
4.Proper care is taken by our engineers at Urja Techniques, to meet the customized requirements of different industrial applications as per requirements.
5.The advanced technologies utilized in the making of these transformers are ideal to control the noise levels of the machine as well as the environmental impact.

Advantages of Power Transformers:
1.The transformers display enhanced efficiency by reducing energy loss and minimizing functional costs.
2.The high quality materials utilized in the making of the transformers guarantee a better voltage regulation which ensures uninterrupted power supply.
3.The transformers are equipped with superior safety features which reduce the risk of accidents and any damage to the equipment.
4.The transformers are easy to install due to the compressed design, moreover, the space requirement for this equipment is also minimum.

Why Choose us:
At Urja Techniques,we are determined to provide high quality electrical products and solutions as per the requirements of our esteemed clients. The transformers manufactured at our unit are precisely designed and engineered, hence these are reliable. Use of high quality materials is made in the manufacturing process of transformers, so that products of Urja Techniques are consistent in reliability and they remain productive for a long time of period. The production schedule of fabricating the products is done, in a manner that the final products are received as per pre-determined time and we deliver the same to our valuable clients within the planned time. The after sales and customer care services provided at Urja Techniques are kept up to the mark to retain a large number of customers and keep them satisfied.


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